Hack Library School!

As I’ve mentioned in pretty much every post I’ve written on this blog so far, I am a huge fan of Hack Library School. I’ve read it for years in anticipation of my time as a library student. It was hugely influential in my grad school search – I spent hours pouring over the Hack Your Program series. And now I get to be on the other side of the blog – they picked me as one of their new writers!

I am simultaneously stoked out of my mind and terrified of this development. I can already tell that HLS is a community of really fascinating, welcoming people that will be my colleagues one day – how lucky am I to be among them? After reading my short bio on the intro post, a friend told me that I sounded cool (“I wanna be friends with that girl!” she said. Bully for you! You are!) and while I’m super glad that I’m good at tricking people into thinking I’m interesting, I’m so nervous about what I’m actually going to, you know… WRITE for HLS. On top of that, I don’t even start classes until two weeks after I’m supposed to post my first blog. So if anyone has a lightning bolt of inspiration to send my way, it would be really appreciated. Maybe I’ll write long-winded love letters to all of the other writers based on my minimal knowledge of who they are. Maybe I’ll just post a video of myself reenacting what will be my 8+ hours of weekly commuting once I start classes – car dancing and all. (Kanye’s “Power” plays in the distance.)

The day the post about the new writers went up I got a professional Twitter and have been having fun playing around with that and looking for people to follow. I’ve been posting an #ILLoftheDay when I do borrowing at work, and it’s only a matter of time before I get the inevitable, “Stop trying to make #ILLoftheDay happen, it’s not going to happen,” response. Go follow me, and you could do the honors of putting me in my place! Or, conversely, if you also do ILL you could join me and we can MAKE IT HAPPEN. Either way, let’s tweet it up.